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U.S. North Atlantic swordfish harvest levels are sustainable.
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You already know the importance of a diet high in seafood. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish (particularly fatty fish) at least two times (two servings) a week. But did you know that choosing U.S.-caught North Atlantic swordfish is one of the smartest seafood decisions you could make?  Take a look at the facts:


  • The North Atlantic swordfish population was declared to be fully recovered in 2009.  This outstanding achievement was only possible through the leadership of U.S. fishermen in advocating for and complying with a international recovery plan.  Click here to learn more about the recovery of North Atlantic swordfish.


  • U.S. North Atlantic swordfish harvest levels are sustainable.  This means that annual catch levels do not threaten the long-term viability of the North Atlantic swordfish stock.  U.S. fishermen and other related small businesses make great sacrifices to ensure the continued sustainability of the North Atlantic swordfish stock.  For more information about the importance of sustainability, click here.


  • North Atlantic swordfish contain high levels of selenium.  This micronutrient is a powerful anti-oxidant which is necessary to maintain good health.  Click here for more information about selenium.


  • The vast majority of U.S.-caught North Atlantic swordfish are harvested using pelagic longline gear.  Using this hook and line gear is among the most selective and conservation-oriented fishing methods used commercially worldwide.  Habitat damage is virtually non-existent and the quality of the fish is significantly superior due to the one-at-a-time handling of each individual fish.  More information about pelagic longlining is available by clicking here.


  • U.S. Atlantic swordfish fishermen are among the most regulated and conservation-minded harvesters in the world.  Our government requires strict compliance with fishing regulations, carefully monitors our catches, and even places government observers aboard our boats to ensure regulations are being followed.  To learn more about U.S. North Atlantic swordfish management and regulations, click here.


  • North Atlantic swordfish is low in calories, very low in fat, high in protein, and an excellent source of Omega-3. Study after study have proven the health benefits associated with regular swordfish consumption.  Click here for more information about eating swordfish for your health.


  • U.S. North Atlantic swordfish fishermen pioneered groundbreaking research that discovered new ways to dramatically reduce the accidental capture of sea turtles while fishing. In addition, they tested tools and techniques proven to ensure the safe handling of sea turtles.  Learn more about how U.S. North Atlantic swordfish fishermen help conserve sea turtles by clicking here.


Even the government agrees that now is the time to choose American-caught high-quality swordfish.  NOAA Fisheries Service, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is responsible for managing and conserving U.S. marine resources.  In their FishWatch Fact Sheet about swordfish, they state,

Now is the time to support our swordfish industry by purchasing their catch. Rebuilding this stock is a conservation success for Americans and the world.  It's time to buy American caught swordfish.  Give swordfish a try!


When food shopping or dining, ask about the swordfish available. If it is not American-caught North Atlantic swordfish, suggest that they begin stocking it now.  When they do, let us know so we can thank them.  Tell them that making smart seafood decisions is important to you.  Let them know about the importance of supporting U.S. conservation efforts and the hard-working American fishermen who lead the world by example.

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